“Having previously run the world’s largest international school, I am familiar with the work of a great many consultants: I regard Sarah as outstanding in her field. Sarah is entirely authentic and driven by a vision for education which is manifest in all she does.

My experiences of working with Sarah during the setup of Green School New Zealand left me in no doubt as to why she was in demand at national and international level. Sarah can soar to exciting conceptual heights and then swoop low to help an individual teacher get to grips with what that deep and challenging thinking might look like with learners. She offers design, development and delivery. She is unafraid of thinking radically when needs be, but also understands that solutions need to have buy-in and work on the ground.”

Chris Edwards,
CEO, Green School New Zealand

“Sarah has a very inclusive approach. She is able to identify the skills and abilities of contributors to a project and bring the very best out of them. In this respect, her people management capabilities are outstanding… Sarah was able to understand Māori perspectives… She could see the vision and understood how this was important to the project. This is a rare skill. It is not common to find someone who is able to understand a different cultural viewpoint and realise its place in a kaupapa. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to any organisation interested in her services.”

Wairangi Jones, Te Arawa.
Pou Matua, Tutira Mai Ltd.

We wanted transformational change and we got it!  Sarah very quickly absorbed and translated our organisation’s strategy, worked with key stakeholders, and created effective messaging which brought to life to our programme and the visitor’s experience. We simply would not have made the progress we did without Sarah’s guidance, knowledge and expertise.”

Gabby Lawton, Tourism, ZEALANDIA eco-sanctuary

“I have worked with Sarah on a range of public and private sector projects over the years and can say without hesitation she is an outstanding educational consultant who combines a sharp intellect with a pragmatic and principled approach. Sarah is adept at relationship and project management, innovative curriculum design, facilitation, culturally responsive pedagogies, and sustainability.”

Chris Sullivan, Springboard Trust.

“Clarity. Organisation. Curiosity. Creativity.  This is what Sarah brought to our project. She has an impressive and comprehensive knowledge of pedagogy and curriculum writing.  Her passion for sustainability in education is mirrored in her life and makes her a remarkable role model for others beginning their own journey in this field – either personally or as an educator.   Sarah is fun, funny and deeply intelligent which earns her respect. She builds teams quickly and draws out the collective best of the people she works with.” 

Leslie Medema, Head of Learning, Green School International.

“Just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic job done on the Lisa Reihana Biennale resource. It’s phenomenal. I haven’t made my way through its entirety because there’s just so much depth, but undoubtedly it is a world-leading resource for arts education.”

Claire Chamberlain, President of the NZ Art History Teachers Association.


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