Strategy that makes sense
Innovative curriculum
Exciting teaching and learning
Food sovereignty
Future focused wellbeing

I am a passionate and experienced consultant helping to shape thriving social and environmental futures for Aotearoa.

If you require leadership or guidance to design, develop and deliver genuinely exciting policy, vision, strategy, curriculum or practice within your learning environment, institution or organisation, please get in touch.

Enacting Te Tiriti

I am tangata tiriti and aspire to be an honourable Treaty partner. I am inspired by mātua Moana Jackson’s ‘ethic of restoration’ and the wero to whaka-tika the promises made within Te Tiriti.

For me, this means de-centring dominant ways of working so that time, power and resources are authentically shared. I endeavour to create space within existing systems for mana motuhake so that tangata whenua can thrive in Aotearoa. My own understandings of what it means to be Pākehā continue to unfurl and evolve through humble service in cross-cultural contexts.

Curriculum design

I help schools and organisations design innovative, engaging local curriculum that truly reflects who and where they are. I use design thinking to ensure that solutions are by, with and for the community that I serve. I draw on comprehensive understandings of the NZ Curriculum, place-based education, cultural competencies, integrated learning, knowledge-rich inquiry methodologies, capabilities-based approaches and Universal Design for Learning to inform great practice.

I am an accredited PLD facilitator. This means that your school can access PLD funding from the Ministry of Education to engage my services. I am also available independently – for agile, bespoke and responsive solutions, both in education settings and beyond – here in Aotearoa and around the world.

Policy, strategy and vision

I help organisations and schools create cohesive direction, informed by best practice. I utilise design thinking practices as well as logic modelling to ensure that strategy has clear lines of sight from its vision, through active implementation to meaningful outcomes.

Regenerative futures

I have a comprehensive, practice-oriented knowledge of growing regenerative organic food and believe in the transformational power of a meaningful relationship to our planet.

I want children to inherit a world that is worth living in, and I walk the talk on this – I’m a low-waste advocate, a community volunteer, an avid urban farmer, and an ethical fashion proponent

Resource creation

I design, ideate, co-construct and create engaging education resources that are linked meaningfully across the curriculum, to learners lives and their contemporary worlds.

Museum learning

I believe in the power that museums of science, history and art have for creating meaning. For me, future-focused museums are ones that turn towards their communities and ask the fundamental questions of our time. I assist museums, and their learning teams, ensure that their practice is pinned to quality research, critically aware, relevant and engaging.